Mark Lois For Township Committee

The Plan To Preserve Chatham Township

New approaches, better ideas and effective collaboration will lead to better results.
Stop The Runaway Tax Increases
The municipal tax rate has increased nearly 20% in the last two years under the current Democratic majority committee.  These runaway tax increases do not support our schools, our Library or provide for recreational, road or sewer improvements. This double digit tax rate increase has been made just to run our local, Chatham Township government.  Mark will not vote to approve any municipal tax increase in the first year of his term and will not approve any annual property tax increase above 1% for the remainder of his term. 
Increase Recreational Opportunities, Not Costs
We can do better in Chatham Township with the resources we already have.  Our recreational fields and facilities are not properly scheduled or managed.  It just can't be justified that a game or practice for 8 year olds ends at 9 PM on a school night because of facility constraints.  Our facilities can represent our common values, with adequate parking and amenities.  There is a better way and it does not have to cost more. 
Improve Quality of Life Without Waiting A Lifetime
We need urgency in solving quality of life improvements.  Road paving, safety equipment, adequate drainage and facility maximization should not take a lifetime to implement.  Too often we are faced with issues that languish amidst inaction and analysis paralysis.  It does not have to be this way, quality of life for our Township is an urgent matter.

Support Our Heroes

Unwavering and fully funded support of law enforcement is a core principle in Chatham Township.   Public safety work and the essential services of first responders cannot be diminished. 

Stop Overdevelopment & Forced Progressive Change

Our Township cannot avoid all change but we must fight radical transformation and over-development that breaks our zoning master plan.  Preserving Chatham Township means retaining its character.