Mark Lois with his wife Nicole and their sons.

Meet The Candidate:  Mark Lois

Mark and his wife Nicole moved to Chatham Township more than a decade ago and are currently raising their two sons here.  Mark is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a small business owner for more than 20 years.  His skills in effective communication and business advisory have already delivered outstanding results for Township Residents. In 2021, Mark became Chairman of Chatham Township's Colony Pool Club. Mark has worked tirelessly with other pool volunteers,  the Chatham Township Committee, Pool management and our Municipal administration.  Under his leadership, the Colony Pool membership almost doubled and revenue almost tripled- revitalizing a membership base that turned down sharply in 2013/2014 and was not vibrant for many years.  This success and restoration of financial health was achieved without additional spending, multi-year timelines or requiring "down payment investments" of taxpayer funds.  A self-sustaining  Colony Pool Club is better for its membership and Township taxpayers alike.  Mark wants to bring these efficient, creative solutions to other areas of Chatham Township.  We can do more with our tremendous resources through new approaches, better ideas and effective collaboration.  Meaningful impact that improves our quality of life doesn't have to take a lifetime.  This is Mark's first time running for a public position. 

More About Mark

Mark Lois is a fiscally conservative Republican and proud to participate in the vibrant community of Chatham Township.  He attends Long Hill Chapel on Shunpike Rd. and has taught Sunday School there.  Mark is a lifelong resident of New Jersey and has lived in Chatham Township for more than 11 years.  Mark enjoys walking, running and biking in the Township's many outdoor resources and cheering on his sons' sport, recreation and extracurricular activities.
Preserve Chatham Township:  Conservation of Our Natural Ecology
Volunteering effort at the Great Swamp Watershed Association native plant sale this year.  This fundraiser successfully sold out and provided species native to our region and suited for our local ecology.
Preserve Chatham Township:  Natural Beauty Highlights A Special Place
Our public Library is surrounded by flowering gardens. You might find Mark there, as he volunteers with his family, caring for the perennials, trees and natural beauty that surround this building and serenely calls to visitors. 
Preserve Chatham Township:  Recreation & History
As 2021 chairman of Colony Pool Club, Mark lead the facilities' return to self-sustaining financial health and helped to honor its 93 year history including our first certified lifeguard Bert Abbazia.